Why us:

Gourmet box Bistro & Café We opened our business in December 2010 with the following goals:
- we offer top quality, non-available, or hard-to-find products
- to sell well-known and popular foods,
- We put great emphasis on providing a complete set of ideas to people who would like to learn how to cook or don’t have enough time for it.
-Our products can be consumed locally by our guests
- Organize private, family, business dinner parties with a maximum of 16 people and reception the maximum of 40 people
Our most popular products from shelves and refrigerators:
- Carraro 1927 -coffee
- Mezőberényi delicacy and spicy sausage
- Békéscsabai „fehérpenészes” sausage
- Antipasti cream in 15-20 flavors
- Retro style butter, salty, cheese flavored crescent roll
- All-IN Bodza, All-IN Rose and Italian All-IN proseccó
- Czimer hot dog
- Salmon, duck, lamb and beef burgers
- Boppe sour cream and butter from Hódmezővásárhely
- Homemade brown sauce
- Duck liver in fat
- Fig dessert
- Chocolate lava
Our most popular products from the menu:
- French toast with sausage
- „Eggs benedict” with serrano and salmon
- Nóri’s soup
- All in -pepper and tomato stew
- All-In schnitzel
- Weekly Chef’s offer